Smart home security offers a new level of control and protection for your home. It can be used to remotely monitor and control activities in the house, such as lighting, heating, and cooling, as well as access to certain areas or rooms.

UniHoms is revolutionizing the way that we think about lighting.

Smart lighting systems are comprised of connected lighting fixtures and bulbs, as well as sensors and other technological components, allowing for greater control over light sources and reducing energy consumption in homes. Remotely control your lights and increase or decrease the brightness easily.

Smart curtain control technology is a cutting-edge way to manage your windows. The UniHoms smart curtain system utilizes wireless sensors and motors, to enable you to open or close your curtains with the touch of a button, from your smartphone.

The UniHoms smart home security systems are composed of multiple items such as cameras, sensors and alarm systems that work together to provide a more comprehensive level of security to keep your home safe and secure.