How do Smart Homes make your Life Easy & Smart?

Technology is taking over the world so rapidly that a new invention is made with every blink of an eye. There is no way to survive in today’s world without the gadgets technology has gifted us. Be it our smartphones, smartwatches, automatic cars, smart TVs and so many other things we’re dependent upon. The ‘smart’ technology has made us so dependent on these gadgets by making our lives simple and easy that now the idea of surviving without all these facilities is scary, even if it is for a day. Home automation is also not a new concept and there are thousands of smart homes already sustaining for years now. The trend started out slow but is now rising quite fastly as this advancement is convenient in so many ways. The Smart homes system is simple, time-saving, energy efficient, and is a great helping hand for house chores. Turn anything on and off with voice commands, control everything while sitting on a chair and keep an eye on your house through an app when you are away. All these facilities have made us bound to adopt this new method of living a modern lifestyle. In this blog, we are going to have a look at the ways smart homes have made our lives simple & easy and are they actually worth the investment.

Benefits of Smart Homes:

Saves Money, Saves Time, Saves Energy:

So many times when we leave the house in a rush for the office or for vacations, we leave the thermostats, ACs, lights, or fans on. They consume energy, raise electricity bills, and sometimes the time that we spend coming back to switch them off. Smart switches solve this problem as we always have access to switch them on and off using the mobile application. It allows us to watch the number of appliances currently switched on in real-time. You can switch on and off any of these remotely so it is definitely an energy-saving and safe option.

Wifi Touch Light Switch

Security Factor:

Smart homes are so much safer and secure than regular homes. You can easily lock and unlock any door or window with just a tap. You can also check for unlocked doors or garage entrances on your phones without having to actually go there and see. Even if you are away from your home you can have a quick security check with our IR Remote Smart Universal Control any time through the app. The apps also inform you about any forced entry, unusual disturbance, or entry. In case of any danger, it also has features to inform the security agencies or emergency contacts. Isn’t that just amazing?

IR Remote Smart Universal Control

Spot a Leak Immediately:

The time these smart sensors detect any leakage, you are instantly informed through notifications and alarms. This feature could literally prevent disasters from happening. Spotting a leakage on time will save you from spending a fortune on its repair. The sooner you repair the damage, the lesser it spreads.

Automatic Locks:

Smart home locks unlock when they sense your steps or presence and instantly lock once you get inside. So it saves time and effort, and forget about the worry of leaving doors unlocked behind you. This is a friendly and stress relieving feature for the owners as they never have to worry about safety concerns. And also a great helping hand for people with different disabilities as it reduces the effort to push or pull the door. Elderly people also get a huge benefit out of it.

Automatic Lights:

How many times do you forget to turn off lights and go to bed, but then have to wake up in the middle of the night to turn them off? That’s really frustrating as many times you do switch them off but have to get disturbed during your sleep just to confirm as you don’t want to go bankrupt due to the huge bills. With smart homes, you can switch them off or on with just voice commands or through the app on your phone, which we always have under the pillow. This is the utmost reason to choose smart homes.

Keep an Eye on Everything:

Stay connected to your house even when you’re away with UniHoms WiFi Indoor HD Camera. Keep an eye on any unexpected visit, track the time of your kids getting home, activities in your house, and always be aware of any unusual activity like theft attempts, etc. Smart homes allow you to stay updated about whatever is happening in your house, enabling you to secure your family and home.

UniHoms WiFi Indoor HD Camera


Smart homes are the future and the concept is very user-friendly and beneficial for the homeowner. It makes your life simple and fun with extra security and ease. Find a reliable dealer today and turn your home into a smart home!