5 Features of Smart Homes

Smart homes are getting famous for their convenience, ease of use, and reducing the human effort to perform basic household tasks. Smart technology has become the most reliable helping hand for people living alone, or the elderly and the houses with kids; to sum it up, it is beneficial for everyone without any doubt.

Smart homes give the control of your house in your hands without having to get up from your seats. You can switch the lights on and off, control the AC thermostat, keep a check on all outlets, and have a foolproof security system. Want to know more about the smart features of modern homes? In this article, we are going to discuss the features of smart homes that make them worth the investment.

Wifi AC Central Thermostat

A smart thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your house with the tips of your fingers. Make your home cozy and comfortable with the temperature of your choice. Just open the Smartphone app and adjust the temperature without the hustle of finding and controlling through remote control. Isn’t that convenient? It is for sure.

The smart technology is intelligent enough to provide you with features like presetting the timer to switch the AC On or Off so leave the worry of forgetting to turn it off, it will do that itself.

Wifi AC Central Thermostat

Smart Wall Switches:

Smart wall switches allow you to switch them on or off through Wifi. These smart switches make it easier to control the lights, fans, or anything else with just a tap from far away. These switches work with Alexa, Google home assistant, and Siri perfectly. All you need to do is just speak the right command to make them work.

These smart switches do not require any special wiring and can be custom-made with different designs, specifications, colors, and materials to match your home interior.

Wifi Push Button Smart Light Switch

Smart Lights:

Smart lights include regular lights and colored ones to add life to your house. RGB colored lights strips, controlled with Wifi and commands allow you to portray a mesmerizing house view with colorful bright lights. These lights are perfect for night events, house parties and give a very vibrant look to your house. You can control these with the personalized smart light solutions feature in the mobile application.

Wifi Touch Light Switch (No Neutral)

Smart Outlets:

Leaving an outlet switched on can cause more energy consumption, overcharge devices, and have so many other risks associated with it. Smart outlets allow you to control them through the wifi. You can preset the switching off time, or just turn it off any time through the mobile app.

Wifi Double Wall Socket

Smart Sensors:

Smart sensors work as automatic door or window openers when they detect any movement or activity. You can install these sensors on your front doors, garage doors, windows and get rid of the duty of opening and closing doors. These sensors can also detect any unusual motion around your house, garage, front doors, etc, and ring the alarm if they sense any danger.

Wifi Motion Sensor

Smart Security:

Smart security cams are the most effective way to make your home safe and secure from any type of forced entry or unusual movement. This smart security system is reliable, secure and allows you to keep an eye around you.

These are installed at different locations in your house, most popularly on the front doors, garages, and entry points of the house. They ring alarms if there is any suspicious activity around you so you can be aware and secure yourself. You can check the cameras on your phone any time of the day to stay updated about what’s going on around you. With advanced technologies, these sensors also alert the local authorities, police, and emergency contacts, depending on the package you choose.

Solar Wifi Battery Camera


Smart homes are making lives easier and introducing a comfortable and peaceful living style that didn’t exist before. Switching to smart homes from regular homes would be the best possible decision one can make. To know more about the technologies being used, pricing of the gadgets, and easy installation process, visit Unihoms.com, the best smart home solutions provider in the whole UAE.