Differences between alexa and google home

Google Home and Alexa are the most popular smart home speakers. Both these smart speaker virtual assistants come with incredible features and can be easily operated in your home and make your life easier. However, each has areas where it is better than the other, so you may want to consider this before making your decision to choose one over the other.

So let’s have a look.

Google Home Assistant

To people who are not familiar with Google Assistant, it is a smart home speaker by which you can assist your home virtually. It allows you to do stuff faster on your amazing voice command. Google Home, is a line of smart speakers developed by Google under the Google Nest brand. The devices enable users to utilize voice commands to interact with services through Google Assistant.

Google can smartly pull out relevant information for you. It’s well-aware of your workspace, meetings, travel plans, and interests. Google Assistant offers voice commands and voice-activated device control, letting you complete several tasks after you’ve said the “Ok Google” or “Hey Google”. Once you’ve started talking to Google, it listens for a response without needing to say Hey Google. It can also recognize voice profiles for different people, so it knows who is talking and gives responses accordingly. You can also ask for multiple things at the same time. It is usually used to work on Google smartphones, but now it is available to all modern Android devices.

Things Google Home can do, but Alexa can’t:

  • The biggest difference is that Google Assistant works on android, which makes it handy for Android users as well.
  • You can enter multiple phrases for the voice command into a single routine.
  • It is powered by Google Assistant.
  • Natural conversation.
  • Change of voice.
  • Set short commands.

Works on Android:

Google Assistant works on android phones as well, which makes it easier for Android users. It is easily operated, you can talk to Google Assistant even if your phone is locked.

Multiple Voice Commands:

It allows the user to add multiple phrases for the voice command in a single routine. It can be of your choice like turn on/off lights, change the temperature, turn on the TV, or make calls through your smartphone.

Natural Conversation:

Google can understand a normal human-like natural conversation, which makes it easier for the user. It will not be activated unless you activate it by saying “Hey Google”.

Change of Voice:

It is a very cool feature, Google Home has two voices i.e. male and female, which distinguishes it from Alexa.

Short Commands:

Short commands are the customized command setup like by simply saying ‘Hey Google” play my favorite song or turn a specific light dim.

Alexa Amazon

Alexa works the same way as Google Home, but with a slightly different feature, which makes both of them unique smart home gadgets. Alexa is software created by Amazon. It acts as a virtual assistant that can be taught new commands and is constantly being updated. It is more compatible with a home that uses Amazon Ring Cams, Doorbells, a smart thermostat, and fire alarms. Furthermore, it is safe to say that Alexa is good for security reasons, as it effectively notices when something has visually changed. Additionally, it is capable of voice recognition, making to-do lists, setting alarms, reading for you, and providing weather, traffic, sports, and other real-time information.

Things Alexa Can Do:

  • It’s good for security purposes.
  • Check your calendar and emails.
  • It supports a wide range of devices to be controlled.
  • Alexa Amazon can help you track your package when you shop online.
  • Whisper quality.

Good for Security Purposes:

Alexa Amazon comes very handy for security purposes, as it can be connected to your doorbells, cameras, door locks. It instantly notifies you if something doesn’t seem right.

Calendar and Emails:

It keeps a check on the daily routine you mentioned in your calendar. Also, it can read out your emails, following your commands.

Package Tracking:

It helps you track your package when you shop online and gives you daily updates on your package.

Wide Range of Devices:

Many devices can be controlled and operated by Alexa Amazon, such as lights, TV, doorbells, door lock, Wi-Fi, and many others.

Whisper Quality:

Now Amazon has this whisper quality where you can whisper and ask Alexa to do a specific task.

The Final Takeaway

Smart homes are a smart business that is rapidly conquering the technology market all over the world. With a smart home, you can enjoy a carefree life with a quick glance at your smartphone/tablet. Experience a fine living and connect with Unihoms to make your home a better place.

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