How Unihoms is Disrupting The Smart Home Industry?

Smart home technology is a new and rapidly emerging trend in the UAE along with other parts of the world. The exciting features and reliability of smart homes are making it a top trend in the market nowadays. As per our research, multiple factors imply this rapid growth in the number of smart homes, including the continuous rise in energy costs, preference to automation and modern means of living, energy-saving features of smart homes, etc. However, this technology is not for everyone to produce and sell as you can only rely on qualified engineers to design reliable and cost-effective products for you. Although the production and maintenance of these products are costly, the market is flooded with companies claiming to provide quality smart home solutions but are they worth investing in? Not everyone is worth the time and money. Getting your home automated is a risky job. One thing goes wrong and your safety and privacy are at risk. So choosing trustworthy service providers is a must to ensure complete satisfaction and safety in your automation system.

How to Choose a Reliable Seller:

The key to finding a trustworthy service provider is to have a look at their customer’s feedback. Deciding to switch to smart homes is a costly decision and to make every penny worth it, doing some background research is necessary.

Other factors to look for in a reliable service provider are their dealing methodologies and customer service. Sellers with good customer service are definitely a good option as they won’t ghost you after you have paid them. As a customer, after-purchase issues and guidance are always a consideration and only a seller with a good reputation can offer that. If you’re looking for smart home solution providers, Head off to Unihoms and start shopping without any kind of risk. Unihoms is an emerging brand that is offering quality products at the best prices.

Why is Unihoms Different: has a wide range of smart products with complete warranty and reliability. The fact that their products work smoothly, the installation is simple and easy and their customer service is friendly and trustworthy, their customer base is rapidly growing.

Unihoms has taken the smart home industry by storm for providing premium quality smart products that come with a warranty and return policy. Their prices are worth the quality you’re getting and their fast and friendly customer service make them stand out from competitors.

The services that make them different and trustworthy are as follows:

Quality and Variety of Products:

Unihoms offers a very wide range of smart home essentials including smart switches, outlets, thermostats, security systems, cameras, etc. Everything that you need to turn your home into a smarter one, this is a one-stop-shop for that. Their products are unique for being from renowned distributors and different variants for several products. Such as they have security cameras charging with electricity and with solar energy so you can choose what suits your requirements better.

These options and variants allow you to make customised decisions. As per your house interior and placement preferences.

Customer Service:

Having friendly and responsive customer service is the biggest plus point for any business as it allows the customer to invest fearlessly with the assurance of return/exchange, cooperation from the business, and repair/warranty for the product.

Unihoms offer a great and friendly customer care service. We value our customers and think of them as the biggest asset of our business. Each one of them is like a member of our smart family to us and our growing customer base is living proof of our reliable and honest customer dealing.

Product Warranty:

Warranty allows the customer to take the risk of investing in any unusual or new product. Since the smart home culture is still struggling to win people’s trust, it is better to buy stuff that comes with a reliable warranty.

Unihoms offers an authentic and dependable warranty with all the products we sell so your money will be worth the experience. Visit our website to learn about our warranty, return and exchange policies.


Smart homes are the modern way of living and it’s a rapidly growing trend. Want to turn your house into a smart home? Connect with unihoms and make your life simple and easy.