Outdoor Loud Siren

An outdoor loud siren is a device designed to produce a powerful and attention-grabbing sound in outdoor environments. These sirens are typically used for alerting a large number of people in the vicinity about emergencies, severe weather conditions, or other critical situations,
The siren with red indicator light blinks and loud beep prompting, and can last 5 minutes(Or press Cancel).
The siren with 120dB sound and flash and has to work with the call button. In event of instruction, the call button will send a RF signal to the siren, and then siren will sound. If you have pressed a call button/remote and got help or no longer need help, cancel button can help you to eliminate the alarm.

The Alarm system is easy to Install and has multi-application. The wireless Warning System can be used in Home, Office, School, Store, Bank, Hospital, residential house, farm, villas, hotels, markets, boarding house and other places where requiring security alarm to protect the personnel and property security.

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