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Human Presence Detector

Wifi Intelligent human detector ceiling device high accuracy motion wireless smart sensor
Featured as human presence, human static, human micro motion and human movement motion detection to detect the presence or absence of people in the area, even to detect the static state such as personnel sleeping accurately.
Monitor enables its intelligent feature as intelligent scene linkage with other intelligent devices, especially your house lights to ON/OFF automatically as the brightness changes; Besides, you can intelligently linkage the sensor to other intelligent home devices for home automation.
Set the sensitivity from 1-9 to your own need, together with minimum detect range as 0.00m and maximum as 9.5m for flexible detection demand. Meanwhile, it is designed with hold time set as 0-1500s and detection latency set as 0-10s to avoids irrelevant annoying movement and reduce false alarm rate.
Monitoring your house safety wherever and whenever with corresponding target distance display in APP.

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