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In order to make your interaction with our business and website, Unihoms stores your activity and preferences on our website through cookies. In this privacy policy, we are willing to guide you about the data we collect, how we collect it, and how it is used to enhance your interactions with us.
Our customer’s privacy and integrity are most important to us. Unihoms assure that your data will neither be misused nor be leaked to any third party except the partner mentioned in this policy or the ones associated with us anytime in the future. Your interaction with our website is taken as consent to agree to our Terms and Conditions about Privacy and cookie policy. Disagreeing with the Privacy policy will result in limiting some features on our website.

The data we collect:

Information you provide:
  • We store the data you provide us voluntarily such as the personal information you gave to register an account on our website, including name, contact number, user name, email ID, address, and login credentials.
  • The data you provide in forms, online chat or newsletter, or in communication with our agents including your names, occupation, email ID, country, company, job, educational or professional background, or any other information you provide, etc.
Information we collect:
When you interact with our website, we might collect data as per your interaction and activity on our website. That may include the products or pages you visit or prefer, the ads you click, and the stuff you add to the cart. Other information that we may collect includes the following:
Device Data:
The device you use to visit our website is added to our database. The information includes Unique device identification identifier, MAC address, IP address, Wireless connection details, OS type, and version, Browser information, Mobile network data, and anything related to your device will be stored in our database.
Usage Data:
Your activity on our website, the products you click or view, the pages you visit more often, the images or videos you view or download, real-time chat or support you utilize from our site, etc is collected in our database.
Location data:
The area, server, city, country you are located at is collected to show you relevant information or data on our website.

What do we do with your data:

The data we collect is used to enhance your experience of interacting with our website. The location data is utilized to show you precise and relevant results as per your region. The usage data helps in showing your appropriate and relevant ads and saving your preferences to optimize your next interaction with us. The device information helps us analyze the performance of our website and make it better for your use.
The data is also utilized for marketing and non-marketing communication. For instance, the data is used to display relevant ads to your social media forums, send promotional emails, ,SMS and notifications, etc. You have the right to unsubscribe from these marketing emails any time you want. Non-marketing communication includes informing you about the changes in policies or any important notification or update we require to send our customers. This type of communication is important to track for you as it may impact your buying decisions.
Other than this, some information is gathered to pursue legal matters in case of any unfortunate situation. This information is gathered and kept as per the laws and regulations and can only be disclosed if required by any authorized organization.
We hold the complete responsibility of keeping your personal data private and confidential. Any breach in privacy of your personal information or leaking your data to unauthorized third parties gives you the right to question us.

Who do we share your information with:

Your information is protected and kept encrypted to avoid security breaches. However, we do share the information with our partners, vendors, and other authorized parties who manage deliveries, legal departments, and other operations associated with our services. Although your personal information is shared with them, those partners are trusted and reliable assets of our organization and we hold complete responsibility for keeping your privacy intact.
Other than that, your data and information can be shared with government agencies and law enforcement organizations upon request, while notifying you about this information sharing might or might not be taken into account.