Unihoms Smart Pet Feeder

Smart Pet Food Feeder 24-hour automatic pet feeding Automatic feeding | Waterproof and fresh | Smooth dispensing | Smart scene link-up
Smooth dispensing system Regular dispensing times The unique six-grid dispensing structure, flexible soft silicone food stirrer and dispensing blades have been tested to over 10,000 dispensing cycles* to ensure smooth dispensing via a wide channel that effectively prevent blockages.
Tap to add food remotely via the app Set fixed time and quantity of automic feeding in the Unihoms app and remotely dispense extra food, even when away from home
Real-time smart food level monitoring via the app Two sets of sensors constantly monitor the remaining food and dispensing status. Food shortages or errors are indicated by the feeder light and on the Unihoms app.
Scheduled feeding even without power or Internet The saved feeding schedule and built-in emergency power suppply ensure regular dispensing even in the event of a network outage or power failure.